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sugar baby tomatoes
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(Our brand name for ‘Sun Gold’ Tomatoes)

‘SUGAR BABY’ TOMATOES ‘Sugar Baby’ tomatoes are so sweet they taste more like a melon than a tomato. We even have customers who eat them with ice cream like honey-dews. What’s more they are the earliest tomatoes we have ever grown – ripening within 60 days of transplanting. The bushy vines need no staking, produce hundreds of fruit on a plant. Snack them fresh off the vine or add them to summer salads. Even children who normally find tomatoes distasteful will be surprised at the sweet flavor of our ‘Sugar Babies’ and ask for more.

In fact, the more fruit you pick the more fruit will form, from early summer to fall frost. Just plant in full sun to enjoy armloads of sweet, juicy, delicious fruit, developed in Japan and first sold as a gourmet food for $10.00 a pound.

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