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Processing & Shipping Information

Your order will be shipped at the ideal time for planting.

Between April 22 and May 31
Between April 1 and May 31
Between March 11 and May 31


Standard Shipping

We use UPS and USPS (United States Post Office) as our delivery agent. Please allow up to 7-10 working days for shipments to reach you after leaving our shipping department. You can ship an order to yourself at a different address. Please use a street address whenever possible. PO boxes may delay shipping slightly.

Shipping and Handling*

Merchandise Total Shipping & Handling
$0 - $19.99 Add $5.99
$20.00 - $39.99 Add $8.99
$40.00 - $59.99 Add $10.99
$60.00 - $79.99 Add $13.99
$80.00 - $99.99 Add $15.99
$100.00 & over Add $18.99

Online Orders also incur a $1.00 handling & insurance fee..

$3.95 will be added to your shopping cart for each package sent to an additional address.
We will ship to APO and FPO address.

Why do Weather Conditions and the Climate of My Location affect when my order is shipped from Live Plant Farms?

Because we unconditionally guarantee all of our plants to grow and thrive, it is absolutely necessary that every order is custom prepared for shipment according to the growing, planting and climate conditions required to assure successful growth where you live.

Delivery live plants and guaranteeing their success is a trcky business and there are a lot of factors that must be understood and considered. Including weather conditions at our nursery location and the health and size of plants prior to shipping. We would rather delay your order for a day or two or longer during cold weather rather than risk shock damage to your palnts.

Damage or Missing Items

If you have any damaged or missing item(s), call, write, fax or email our Customer Service Department.
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