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rainbow bell peppers
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(Pepper variety: “Islander”)
Red…Orange…Yellow…Black…Violet Sweet Bell Peppers

RAINBOW BELL PEPPERS You must see these amazing sweet bell peppers to believe them: handsome full-size, crisp, blocky fruit in a rainbow display of colors. The first fruits to ripen will be a glossy black, changing to violet. The violet then changes to yellow, orange and deep red when fully mature. Generally, you will see all five colors on a single plant. What’s more they can be harvested at all stages of their development, picked fresh off the vine and sliced raw into salads, or cooked. The flavor is everything you would expect of a sweet bell pepper – thick, crunchy walls, a hollow interior perfect for stuffing with your favorite ingredients, such as cheese or chopped meat. The more you pick, the more new flowers and peppers will form from early summer to fall frost.

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