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hanging strawberry
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(‘Tri-Star’ Strawberry)
Everbearing Plants Even into Winte

HANGING STRAWBERRY ‘Tri-Star’ Everbearing strawberry produces delicious red fruit through all the seasons to make a beautiful hanging basket. We supply an 8-inch hanging basket and three plants ready to start fruiting within 60 days. Each plant produces runners with leaves, flowers and fruit that hang down the sides of the basket like a curtain.

What could be more beautiful than cascades of eye-catching starry white flowers and plump, dark red strawberries that the more you pick the more the plants are stimulated into producing more delicious fruit.

‘Tri-Star’ strawberry was developed by the United States Department of Agriculture, one of an entirely new race of perpetual-bearing strawberries that bear flowers and fruit in flushes throughout the year, even after other varieties stop fruiting.  

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