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english lavender plant
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(Lavendula angustifolia)
Fill Every Room with an Herbal Fragrance.

ENGLISH LAVENDER PLANTS One of the most uplifting fragrances in all of nature is English lavender, a perfume so much admired that vast fields of lavender plants are grown in England, Provence, Tasmania and Morocco to satisfy a worldwide demand for scented soaps, candles, skin lotions and many other luxury products.

Our young, rooted transplants will form cushions of aromatic purple-blue flower spikes on long stems ideal for cutting. A few sprigs clustered in a vase can fill an entire room with its romantic fragrance. Swirled in a bathtub, they will even scent the water. Plants thrive in poor soil, and survive drought and even severe winters, to rebloom each season.

Plant in any sunny part of your garden: even create a low-growing lavender hedge by spacing plants 18 inches apart so the outstretched stems mingle to create a solid stroke of color.

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